2/24/2006 09:46:00 AM|W|P|Max|W|P|Archeaologists and workers fixing the A30 road in Cornwall stumbled upon a new Henge recently. Which is terribly exciting because its so old... until you realize that pretty much anything can be passed off as a henge these days. No, thats not really true. Technically, according to the Heritage Dictionary,
A henge is a roughly circular or oval-shaped flat area over 20m in diameter which is enclosed and delimited by a boundary earthwork that usually comprises a ditch with an external bank. Access to the interior is obtained by way of one, two, or four entrances through the earthwork. Internal components may include portal settings, timber circles, post rings, stone circles, four-stone settings, monoliths, standing posts, pits, coves, post alignments, stone alignments, burials, central mounds, and stakeholes.
First appearing around 3,000 B.C., Henges are considered a regionally specific and particular type of causewayed enclosure. They may have been used for magic, rituals, or for astronomy and telling time. The truth is, no one really knows what henges were for because we don't have any writing from the people that built them. Some henges seem to be particularly positioned. And the use of ditches and stone walls certainly suggests that the activity that was supposed to occur inside a henge was considered private or ritualistic, hence the need for protection and enclosure. The Henge discovered recently off of A30, dubbed the Deep Tye Henge for the farm it was found on, was probably built around the late Neolithic period. Like many of the 50+ henges that have been found, the Deep Tye henge is really a bunch of holes in the ground. And to the right here are some archaeologists standing around that henge. According to 24 Hour Museum who interviewed archaeologist Stuart Foreman,

"The Deep Tye henge is a particularly rare type of structure, largely because it can only be revealed by open excavation. Only about 50 hengi-forms have been identified nationally, mostly in the south of England.

“Such monuments were built by the early farming communities of Britain during the Neolithic period,” explained Mr Foreman. “The purpose of these monuments is not certain, although it is generally accepted that they acted as arenas for ceremonial gatherings and ritual.”

“They were places of ritual offerings, sometimes involving sacrifice of animals and more rarely people,” he continued. “Some sites also served as cemeteries for human cremation burials.”

That's right, the purpose for these hengi-forms is unknown...but they definitely sacrificed humans there. Because what did people from the neolithic period do but sacrifice humans? Ah, the neolithic.

Anyway. If you've ever been to England, there's frickingstone henges (and wood henges and straw henges) and castles and stone things everywhere. They keep finding things in the process of building this new A30, like a roman circle house thing with some pottery in it. And they are putting the lot of this in the Royal Cornwall museum in Truro, Cornwall, England. sweet.

|W|P|114079421591345135|W|P|A whole new henge?|W|P|2/22/2006 04:29:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P| Local 6 Florida updates the world about a fricking huge cat. Its 33lbs. with a 31 inch waist. The cat is healthy, but eats 6 lbs. of chicken and/or fish a day. Which is more than i eat. The owners are proud. Their cat is fat.|W|P|114064390873284718|W|P|Big Kitty|W|P|2/22/2006 04:37:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Becca|W|P|That poor cat. In my opinion his owners should be relieved of the expense of careing for him. He may seem "healthy" now but what happens 3 or 4 years downt he road when his arthritis is so bad he can't heave all 33lbs of himself up to go potty in the litter box?

Stupid people shouldn't own pets.2/22/2006 04:38:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Crescendo|W|P|Nice Kitty !2/17/2006 01:12:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P| Holyshit, today's finds just keep getting better and better... especially since now I know I can by PLURAL CLOTHING. which means that as soon as I find that wonderful significant other we can share everything. including the same shirt. at the same time.|W|P|114020005759551174|W|P|okay.|W|P|2/17/2006 10:13:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Midwest Mo|W|P|Max! post this site on your blog


and tell becca to look at it.

we know the models!2/17/2006 01:03:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P|There's a site with these almost naked animals. I don't really have much to say about that, nor can I really explain in more detail. It's just what it is. Animal cartoons, wearing underwear. Again. Why the internet was invented. I swear to god its all for the domain name.|W|P|114019954499625232|W|P|Almost Naked Animals|W|P|2/17/2006 11:37:00 AM|W|P|Max|W|P|Thats right...still ignoring actual work. presenting more fun things from the internet. Google maps info of the week, anyone? Toolness publishes historically oriented overlays for Chicago. This is my kind of individual... What Toolness says about his overlays:

"After learning about Google Earth and discovering Sam Perkins-Harbin’s excellent overlays including CTA maps and Chicago traffic overlays, I decided to play around with the technology a little myself. Since I’m currently in the middle of reading Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago and I’m interested in Chicago history, I decided to start out with a few overlays related to those topics.

In experimenting with these overlays, I’ve become particularly intrigued by the potential of Google Earth in combination with historical and sociological maps for educational purposes–for instance, some sort of open-ended, classroom-based exercise using overlays like this could be interesting"
Oh, fuck that could be really interesting. Sometimes this kindof stuff makes me wish i were back in gradeschool in a hands-on classroom again. Especially since the coolest technological thing I remember learning to do was getting the Apple2E's in the back of the room to spell out dirty phrases in the middle of class. The map at left is an image of a google overlay of the neighborhood "types" in chicago taken from the 2000 census. Toolness also has a map of the area of chicago burned in the fire, Neighborhood divisions, and the 1913 El-track map. Also, random: check out the Flickr collection of old mugshots.|W|P|114019467614833800|W|P||W|P|2/17/2006 11:02:00 AM|W|P|Max|W|P| I am counting down the hours to go before my three day weekend. Oh, the joy of Fridays. Today sucks because my coworker is not present and I am thus forced to answer phones and e-mails by myself (we'll see how much I get done on the inbox today), but it also rocks and I will tell you why: little people. These little teeny people pictured at left are living their teeny lives on top of various dessert items. Its cute. Someone put them up in poses all over food. And then took pictures. This is why the internet was invented. So people could share awesome ideas like this one. Check out the website with tons of little people and dessert items on it. 'Cause that's exciting. I especially like the ones of construction workers on chocolate eclairs. But maybe I just like chocolate eclairs. Dammit this is making me hungry.|W|P|114019267207857784|W|P||W|P|2/16/2006 03:28:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P| Can I just say... I really want to live in a treehouse--not in a lame, tree-hugging way though. It's always been a bit of an obsession of mine. Like the swiss family robinson. (There's an awesome treehouse at disney world based on theirs.) And this treehouse rocks. Multiple stoires, walkways, labyrinth and cavernous. This is the Alnwick treehouse in Northumberland, UK. It has a restaurant. And there's a list of treehouses here... Also, it looks like someone's planning on building this treehouse really close to my home.|W|P|114012493102313896|W|P|My New Haus|W|P|2/15/2006 01:01:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P|Dammit i love projects and making things myself for cheaper. So much. In honor of that fact... I've found some nice links for your delectation on DIY wednesday: Instructables is full of useful creations, fun projects, and you can submit your own. They also have a very nice layout. Elephant staircase has a wiki of projects--mainly for the super-nerd--but check out the build your own ipod... and Make-zine also rocks. For more information and random links that you can search for yourself...check out the del.icio.us "projects" tag. If you're super-bored (like me) you could also spend some time with "You Ain't no Picasso," a nice music blogspot blog. And finally...this domain may be moving to another domain...or may be getting discontinued very shortly. I will keep you posted.|W|P|114002725912297791|W|P|DIY Wednesday|W|P|2/14/2006 02:50:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P|The SanFrancisco chronicle is running an interesting story on the author J.T. LeRoy, a purported male prostitute...who appears to be a woman...or a number of people...or....read on.|W|P|113994681246150863|W|P|Who is that guy?|W|P|2/14/2006 09:28:00 AM|W|P|Max|W|P|Whitney Artport's newly launched Valentine's Day Dumpster is pretty rad. Golan Levin, Kamal Nigam, and Jonathan Feinberg took breakup stories from 2005 blogs to make a user interactive clicky thing. mmm. fun.|W|P|113992749634972340|W|P|for the lonely|W|P|2/10/2006 10:55:00 AM|W|P|Max|W|P| Is it finally going to snow and be wintry this winter? well, fyi, there will still be dinner tomorrow night, and if necessary we can all stay inside and bundle up around hot cocoa and movies. There's a blockbuster around the corner and its hotter than hades in my house with the heat on. Moreover, nothing goes better with snow than roast chicken and stuffing and green beans.|W|P|113958803901022163|W|P|Winter Weather|W|P|2/09/2006 04:07:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P| Generally, I would say that my political leanings fall more towards the a-political than any other way. I lack patience and logic necessary for that kind of thinking. Mo will tell you its because I'm a moron. But I took a little politics test on political compass... now mind you i didnt understand some of the questions...no, im kidding. No, im not. Yeah. But it put me way way fricking left. Below are the coordinates of the points of my position on the political spectrum... Economic Left/Right: -5.50 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.77 I'm about the polar opposite of G.Bush, right around The Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela. Who woulda thunk it. But i think this survey might be a little off. I mean some of the questions were kinda stupid. Or maybe I just need mo to explain to me what "conservative" and "liberal" are again. That's probably it. We should do the test together, that way I will know better how to answer next time. That is how democracy works, right?|W|P|113952007184218580|W|P|The Political Compass|W|P|2/08/2006 04:05:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P|Things to collect: stamps dolls indian-head pennies sand? but actually, they do have some nice sand at the international sand collector's gallery.|W|P|113943281419625374|W|P|Boring|W|P|2/08/2006 12:52:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P|A helicopter pilot's arial shots of mexico city and environs... some pretty amazing views. The above image is a shot of sprawling low-income housing complexes.|W|P|113942126702983450|W|P|Just looking around|W|P|2/03/2006 04:55:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P|Sorry, not much to report today. Quiet and hungover. Wine+belly dancers+whiskey sours+gay man karaoke= very hungover. but bushspeech is entertaining. have a lovely weekend.|W|P|113900385336503253|W|P||W|P|2/02/2006 02:18:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P| AWESOME!|W|P|113890794711822727|W|P||W|P|2/02/2006 01:49:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P| Found this one on boingboing today; The National Library of Medicine has a very nice and informative site about the history of anatomical drawing called "Dream Anatomy." They go to some length to explain both the techinical processes associated with anatomical imaging and the history and development of the artistry, from images based on ancient knowledge and texts (which makes me think of that SNL skit where steve martin plays the medieval doctor), to the exploration of dissections and more accurate representations of the inside of the human body. Throughout the history of anatomical drawing, the human body has been an object of wonder and fantasy. In short, baby skeletons in landscapes. See Also, "showoff cadavers" section where the relationship between anatomical drawing and the social "performance of personhood" is discussed. All very interesting.|W|P|113890696293697732|W|P|Even more anatomy|W|P|2/02/2006 11:51:00 AM|W|P|Max|W|P| Ah, six more weeks of winter. I hope its the kind of winter that we've been having, though. Interestingly, the groundhog at left, who is named "staten island chuck" (oddly, my nickname in college) disagreed. At 7:30 am, chucky-friend did not see his shadow, predicting an early spring Things to consider: -Of course he saw his fucking shadow, its been sunny and delicious out for weeks. -Groundhogs are strage looking creatures. -Where can i get a tophat like that one? -Maybe the ennui and malaise in the air today has something to do with this unfortunate ceremony. Maybe its just me. Maybe its Bill Murray.|W|P|113889950052944836|W|P||W|P|2/02/2006 09:13:00 AM|W|P|Max|W|P|Man, another one of those mornings when I wish I hadn't read the Times first thing. "House approves budget cutbacks of $39 billion" I am never going back to School Ever again... let alone getting old or retiring.|W|P|113889042089064206|W|P||W|P|2/01/2006 04:18:00 PM|W|P|Max|W|P|File under: suprising, we'll see if it actually happens. It was recently announced that New York might actually have plans to preserve some of its historical structures. Turning over a new leaf? According to Friends of the High Line, the High Line redesign project will begin in mid february. Originally 13 miles of railroad track running down manhattan's west side, the High Line was designed in 1929 in an effort to curb injury and death due to rail accidents on railroad lines that ran at street level. The line connected with businesses and actually ran through buildings, allowing for the swift transport of goods along the far west side. When the days of rail transportation were winding down, many parts of the high line were demolished. Trains stopped running altogether on the tracks in the 1980s. In spite of ownership changes and many separate attempts to demolish the tracks altogether, a portion of the high line still remains (about 22 blocks between 34th street and Gansevoort Street). In february, work will begin to redesign the abandoned tracks and turn it into a public space. You can see the design proposals here. Looks Pretty.|W|P|113882961353115600|W|P|The High Line|W|P|2/01/2006 09:33:00 AM|W|P|Max|W|P|I read my horoscope everyday from multiple sources. It's like a bad tic that I have little control over. For example, right now I cannot load friendster to see their horoscopes which, though short and rather generalizable, are pretty good, and sometimes eerily right-on. On friendster, they also have no option for seeing tomorrow's horoscope, which i kindof like. I also recommend Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology. While it is only updated weekly, it often provides a refreshing alternative to your run-of-the mill predictions. This week:
Leo: You may not realize how significant a role that architecture plays in shaping your moods, ideas, and decisions. I'm here to remind you that it does. The quality of the indoor space you regularly inhabit deeply influences what goes on inside your mind and body. It's not just the structure of the buildings I'm talking about, of course, but also the decor, the furniture, the carpets, and the colors. In 2006, it will be important for you to become more aware of this fact, and to be aggressive about putting yourself into environments that bring out the best in you. As a gift to yourself, spend some time inside the most uplifting building you know.
That's special. I wonder if going to the met every weekend counts. For a while the AOL horoscope was fucking writing my memoir. Or, you know, I was reading way too far into it. Anyway, the whole reason I'm saying all of this is I woke up to a very interesting astro.com horoscope this morning. Astro is my personal favorite service. You do have to register (the regular registration is free), but you enter your birth time and place, and they have a number of other cool features like personal portraits, charts, love-scopes, etc. Basically anything that you want to waste your time on. And you can register more than one person to your account and generate friend and partner -scopes. Moreover, its sentitive to sexual preference. It always tells me about my "women." First of all, the picture that they published today as my "theme" was way out of control. exhibit A: What???!!! Those are boobs. And it told me that I am going to be a big whore in the coming weeks:
Indiscriminate encounters Valid during several months: The normal effect of this influence is to stimulate sexual and creative energies. It can be good for a sexual relationship if things are generally going well and you both are able to release sexual energy and achieve ample gratification. If this is not the case, there may be difficulties associated with this influence. On one hand, if serious problems are preventing ample sexual self-expression, or if it is a non sexual relationship with a partner, there is likely to be conflict between you. If you have no ongoing relationship, you can expect to be attracted sexually to almost anyone you encounter. Be careful of a new relationship that starts during this time, because you may be seeking a sexual outlet with little regard for other areas of compatibility.
Rock. Looks like the whore train is coming into town, and I'm the f-ing conductor.|W|P|113880697278936489|W|P|(Whore-o) scope|W|P|